• National Children's Manifesto

    National Children's Manifesto

    The National Children's Manifesto urges government and several stakeholders, to translate the children’s rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic South Africa into a living reality. The manifesto , which was written by children, touches on several issues including child protection, education and health.

    Sat 1 Jun 2019 9,3MB
  • Financing Learning for Every Last Child (April 2017)

    Financing Learning for Every Last Child (April 2017)

    The world is facing a learning crisis. Around 250 million of the world’s 650 million children of primary school age are not learning. The focus on getting children into school came with and under-investment in education quality and inclusion. This briefing sets out solutions to the education financing gap.

    Sun 2 Apr 2017 3,7MB
  • Stolen Childhoods (June 2017)

    Stolen Childhoods (June 2017)

    For at least 700 million children worldwide – and perhaps hundreds of millions more – childhood has ended too soon. The major reasons included poor health, conflict, extreme violence, child marriage, early pregnancy, malnutrition, exclusion from education and child labor.

  • Unfinished Business - A Call to Action - Children's Rights in South Africa (Oct 2016)

    Unfinished Business - A Call to Action - Children's Rights in South Africa (Oct 2016)

    It is possible to break the cycle of poverty and inequality by making sure that all children, particularly the most marginalised, access quality services that provide a pathway out of poverty towards social equality and prosperity.

  • Annual Report 2014

    Annual Report 2014

    By just about any measure and standard 2014 was a tough year for children around the world. Innocent children were caught in the crossfire of conflict in places like Syria and iraq. they struggled to survive as newborn babies in Nigeria. children entered school ill prepared to learn and succeed in Brazil. they left home and crossed borders to seek protection from violence in the united States and across Europe. and they felt the fear and loss of Ebola throughout parts of West Africa.