Bags of Hope

Ease the burden of children in communities across South Africa. Make the Bags of Hope pledge today!


Uzwelo Bags was started as an initiative to train up underpriviledged community members to create quality, one-off fashion items by recycling thousands of metres of waste textile fabric. But for true sustatinable transformation they knew they also needed to focus on South Africa’s future.

Save the Children works hard at ensuring every child receives the quality of education that is so vital in the foundation years for a lasting impact, not only for the individual child, but for our nation’s future. However, even though every child has a right to education, most of South Africa’s children don’t even have a school bag and have to walk very long distances to school through all kinds of weather.


Whether you can afford to pledge 1 bag or 100 bags – we will be helping another child go to school with a proper school bag (and not a plastic shopping bag) and all it costs is R145 to change a child's school year. 

If you pledge to buy at least 100 bags at R145 each you will: 

  • Ensure more children gets a new school bag.
  • Make a tax-deductible contribution to a cause that supports South Africa’s future. 
  • Get put into a draw to win tickets to our exclusive annual gala dinner, hosted by top South African influencer’s. 
  • Receive a Certificate of Recognition to share with each of your employees.  

Make the Pledge to Give a Bag of Hope


This bag can be enjoyed by anyone! If you love the bag as much as we do, buy it for yourself, your child or a friend...

Remember, if you buy a bag:

  • Save the Children will receive R10.00 for every School Bag that is bought from Uzwelo Bags
  • Our material is recycled - you may suggest a preferred main colour, but if we don’t have that colour fabric in-stock we will need to use what we have.
  • You are contributing to the skills development of communities in South Africa
  • You are contributing to help support conservation in South Africa

Purchase a Bag

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