Coronavirus crisis

For children who were struggling before COVID-19, things have only gotten worse.


On 27 June 2021, President Cyril Ramaphosa placed South Africa under alert level 4 for two weeks, with potential for extension. The lock down measures - although necessary to curb a sky-rocketing infection rate - place a further burden on children living in difficult and dangerous situations.

COVID-19 has not only robbed millions of children of their education, their safety and their health, it has robbed them of their childhood. What’s more, this pandemic has revealed and reinforced deep and systemic inequalities, in which the most vulnerable among us are paying the highest price. 

In 2020, during the first and second waves, YOU helped us to continue our work. We reached over 300 000 children and their families with direct support including nutrition, education, protection and psychosocial services. With your partnership, we also ensured that all children in our programs passed their exams and that government changed policies to support migrant, displaced and vulnerable children.

Although schools opened again in 2020, and we started to regain a semblance of life before lock down, discussions with children earlier this year indicated that the damage had already been done; many feel uninspired, lack motivation and are in need of support.

Now that we are firmly in the 3rd wave, we once again seek your support to continue to reach children where they need us most. We owe it to children to build a better, more equal world to ensure decades of progress on children’s rights are not reversed because of COVID-19. 

Donations received through this appeal will help Save the Children South Africa ensure that vulnerable children have the support that they need. This will also support our important work to meet the health, education and nutrition needs of children across the country.